You should all be ashamed.

Wagging your tail around

like it is some sort of provacative game.

Taunting and pressing,

until none more can be beared,

then spitting me out like rotten bread and old jam.

I brush off my knees with careful acting,

but you turn your back like I get no compassion.

I am lying about you, in your sort of eyes,

but don't you listen to what everyone throws back...

It's your disguise.

It's the truth!

It's the truth!

I scream it out loud.

Somebody had to say, and vaguely I shall.

When everyone says it, they still think we're lying.

We just want the person inside of you to come back; the real you is dying.

As for the others, you try to be older than you are.

Keep your innocence, my dear, it will get you far.

When you try to be more mature than it is health you can,

you become something I know you really aren't are.