Words, jumbled in my head

Where have you gone, and left me?

I wait here at the hollow’s eve

You’ve left me, completely as the wind blows my hair

Nothing is darker than dawn

Not even my heart, completely drifted away from my head

It tells me to go one way

I cower over it

Again and again and again

I see the immediate hatred in your eyes as you stare at me

You hate me, with a burning passion

Yet, I love you, with a burning passion

Nothing exceeds how much I love you,

Except for your hate

Your deep, deep, hatred

Hatred of me, that is

Your stare kneads into my skin

I can feel my head going faint

I can feel the sun rising

The thing I feel most, is remorse

Remorse for all the things that have happen

As I fall down at the bay,

I know what will happen next for sure

I will be dead.

Because your eyes, I have pierced through my heart