A strict, Christian community.

There was like one Jewish kid in my entire grade,

and he got a lot of crap like that.

I guess it was how we were brought up around here.

Biased, against all others who weren't exactly like us.

I didn't find it fair. I knew of Christians who weren't like this...but they weren't from here. They weren't from where I grew up.

It was a sin to be gay. The teachers even turned against you, and there was no help for bullying, because you were hated just as much.

I wanted to be straight. I wished I was. But I couldn't pretend. I would have given anything to be be normal...

But I could not live my life in a lie.

So in eighth grade, already sure of myself, I came out.

Hoping some people who I had been close to would accept me.

I was wrong.