I'm in the dungeon. The gateway to hell. Should've saw this coming.

The dungeon is dark, and mostly empty, but there's a steel bed in the corner and a hard blanket.

I decided I'd try to see if their was a bright side to this, but there was none. Obviously, it's the gateway to hell.

How did I get here. I commited suicide, that's what.

I could've lasted for two months, with this pain. But no, I had to go and commit suicide.

In my religion, sadness is all that comes in December and January.

My dad became more strict this month, and I just wanted to be alone after he had yelled at me for looking at something happy.

He only follows my mom's orders. My mom became mental three years ago. We're used to it, but she totally annoys---annoyed me when I was in my world. My mom never wants me to be anywhere near my dad or even in his room(where I was at the moment.) Stupidly, he still loves her. I don't blame him though. He's probably waiting for her to change, although I doubt she will, ever.

I think god just doesn't want us to be happy. If he did want us to be happy, he would never force this pain on us...

Suddenly, I saw a door open in the dungeon, and saw a horrible, terrifying creature standing there.

"Welcome to Hell" He said, and grinned.