We had discovered Emily had been killed by a candlestick.

We dragged her body back to the living room.

"How does somebody die twice"

"Unless she wasn't dead the first time!"

"No! I was sure she was dead he first time!" Said Plum.

"Then what happened."

"I don't know" said Plum, looking at the ground.

"Who could have done it! We were all with the maids...Except Peacock!" said Scarlet.

"It wasn't me!" said Peacock. "I was at the bathroom at the complete opposite end of the hall. You saw me go down there and you didn't see me go back."

That was true.

"But there isn't anyone else in the house!" Said White.

"The Cook!" said fishy, "I forgot about her!"

They all ran down the hall to where the kitchen was. It was next to the bathroom and game room.

Rebecca, the cook, was nowhere to be found.

"That's weird," said fishy, "She's always in here."

Green opened the freezer, and the dead body of Rebecca the cook fell. With a dagger in her back.

Any idea about the murderer?

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if you've been smart enough to put clues together, don't tell anyone else about your findings. I want people to try and figure it out for themselves. And look back to old chapters for preference. And I'm sorry for no Alica/Jess lesbian moments, I couldn't find a good place.